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Lofoten, one of the most spectacular archipelagos in Northern Norway, is renowned for its outstanding nature and unique experiences. Here you will find dramatic mountains plunging into the sea, picturesque fishing villages, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Lofoten offers something magical for all seasons, and with Classic Norway Hotels, you get an authentic and comfortable base for your adventures, with everything from charming fishermen’s cabins to luxurious suites up to 120 square meters.

Nature in Lofoten

Lofoten is a natural playground with endless opportunities for outdoor activities. In winter, the northern lights dance across the sky, providing an unforgettable experience. Explore lush valleys, lakes, and rivers, or partake in activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, and surfing. Nature reserves and national parks protect the rich wildlife, including seabirds, otters, moose, and even whales.


A visit to Lofoten is not complete without staying in a traditional rorbu. These charming fishermen’s cabins give you an authentic taste of coastal culture. Built to withstand the harsh climate, the rorbuer often stand on stilts extending into the water. Reine Rorbuer and Å Rorbuer offer everything from authentic cabins to more exclusive versions. If you prefer more comfortable and modern accommodation, consider staying at the boutique hotel Villa Bryggekanten, the luxurious Henningsvær Bryggehotell, or the spacious rorbu apartments at Nyvågar.

Nyvågar, Kabelvåg / Svolvær in Lofoten

30 fisherman’s cabins (2 bedrooms)

Nyvågar is located by the Lofoten Sea, in the historic area of Storvågan. Here we offer comfortable and spacious rorbu cabins and a restaurant in a traditional fishing village style. Our bright meeting rooms have large windows providing panoramic views of the impressive nature outside. We take pride in serving delicious homemade food made from the best local ingredients. Additionally, we have facilities such as hot tubs, a sauna, the famous Aquavit Loft, and a charging station for electric cars.

Villa Bryggekanten, Henningsvær in Lofoten

In Henningsvær, the heart of Lofoten, you will find Villa Bryggekanten.

Our boutique hotel in a standalone villa by the waterfront offers a personal experience with only 30 uniquely decorated rooms. Quality beds, spectacular views, and the opportunity to share experiences with other guests. Our wine bar and sharing menu invite social interaction, while cultural events and an inclusive atmosphere make us your home away from home. Welcome to Villa Bryggekanten.

Villa Bryggekanten - a boutiquehotel in Henningsvær, Lofoten
Ved peisen - Villa Bryggekanten

Henningsvær Bryggehotell, Henningsvær in Lofoten

11 Suites (from 42 – 120 sqm)
14 Junior Suites (From 38 – 42 sqm)
14 Superior double rooms ( from 24 sqm)

Henningsvær Bryggehotell is a new hotel complex with eight buildings inspired by traditional architecture in Henningsvær. The hotel honors the fishing village’s heritage while creating an exciting destination for both locals and visitors. The architecture, decor, and atmosphere reflect Northern Norwegian culture and nature. Guests can enjoy a stroll along the new quay area, surrounded by traditional houses, and experience the local nature with mountains, sea, and possibly northern lights. The hotel’s restaurant, Vind Brasseri, offers tasty dishes based on local ingredients and regional culinary traditions, delighting both residents and international guests.

Reine Rorbuer, Reine in Lofoten

40 “rorbu” cabins, 1 apartment and 1 room

Reine Rorbuer is located in the western part of Lofoten, at the entrance to Reinefjorden in the fishing village of Reine. Among majestic Lofoten mountains and with the Arctic Ocean as its nearest neighbor, we have 40 cabins, Gammelbua Restaurant, as well as meeting and banquet facilities. In summer, a cabin holiday offers endless days and the midnight sun, and in winter, short days with spectacular weather and northern lights. Many great activities are available here.

Winter at Reine Rorbuer in Lofoten

Å Rorbuer, Å in Lofoten

23 different fishermen’s cabins
11 hotelrooms (4 bathrooms)

Å Rorbuer – the best-preserved fishing village in all of Lofoten! Å is a story of people who endured and defied living conditions we can hardly imagine today. The rich sea provided them with food on the table and income for a living. 23 comfortable rorbu cabins and 11 rooms take you right into Å’s dramatic history and tough living conditions. All cabins have private bathrooms and kitchens. Most have sea views and a private terrace.

Direct flights to Harstad/Narvik Airport in Lofoten

From November, Norwegian will offer direct flights from London Gatwick to Harstad/Narvik Airport, and from December, from Milan Bergamo. Edelweiss is also launching a direct route from Zurich to Harstad/Narvik, providing easy access to our region from Europe. New airport shuttle routes between Harstad/Narvik and Lofoten improve transportation options and make it easier to reach these beautiful destinations.

Skiing in Lofoten

Lofoten is a paradise for ski enthusiasts, especially those seeking unique and challenging experiences. The mountains rise straight from the sea, providing an unparalleled opportunity to ski from mountain peaks down to the coast. Popular ski-touring peaks like Geitgaljen, Himmeltinden, and Rundtinden offer varied terrain, from wide, open slopes to technical descents. Despite being north of the Arctic Circle, the mild coastal climate ensures stable and good snow conditions throughout the winter. Along the coast, you’ll find guides and ski tour organizers offering safe and memorable ski trips.

Fishing in Lofoten

A fishing trip in Lofoten is an unforgettable experience, where you can enjoy fantastic fishing and the magnificent nature. Whether you’re an avid sports fisherman or just want to try something new, Lofoten will give you memories for life. Book your fishing trip with Classic Norway Hotels and experience the best of Lofoten’s fishing culture and nature.

Northern Norwegian Culinary Culture

Lofoten is known for its rich culinary culture, with fish and seafood playing the leading roles. Enjoy stockfish, lutefisk, smoked salmon, and trout, as well as delicacies such as halibut. Reindeer and lamb from Northern Norway provide flavorful meals, while berries like cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries are used in desserts and accompaniments. Don’t miss traditional dishes like møsbrømlefse and klippfisk.

Northern Norwegian Culture

The culture of Northern Norway is characterized by the region’s history and nature. Experience a rich tradition of crafts, music, and storytelling that provide insights into the coastal lifestyle. With its strong connection to nature, Northern Norway offers an authentic cultural experience you will remember for a long time.

Experience Lofoten with Classic Norway Hotels

Classic Norway Hotels gives you the opportunity to experience Lofoten’s unique beauty and culture at its best, whether you visit in winter to see the northern lights and enjoy fantastic skiing, or in spring to experience the midnight sun and lush nature. Book your trip now and let the magic of Lofoten enchant you.