A hotel chain that owns and operates some of Norway’s most charming hotels and fishermen’s cabins

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27 hotels and firshermen´s cabins

Classic Norway Hotels is a hotel chain that owns and operates some of Norway’s most charming hotels and cabins. The chain represents both historic hotels, stately estates, hotels in funk style, boutique hotels, rorbues and exotic small lighthouses with a distinctive character. Each hotel is located in scenic surroundings that highlight their individual history and unique culture. Common features are tailoring, quality awareness and a personal host.

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Grand Hotel in Åndalsnes - near the Trollstigen and Trollveggen in Romsdalen

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With a personal hosting, we want to create new stories through exciting experiences linked to our nature, local culture and food traditions. Join us for something different, real and unique that gives you magical moments!
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Our hotels are idyllically located in spectacular surroundings with a solid anchoring in each hotel’s history, culture and nature, this provides a unique setting for great experiences.
Sagafjord Hotel, Northwest Coast
Experience the beautiful mountain hotel in Sæbø,
Located right on the edge of the pier and offering fantastic views of the wild and majestic nature surrounding the Hjørundfjorden. This area is a paradise for mountain enthusiasts, with everything from charming short hikes to the impressive Slogen, which towers 1564 meters above sea level. For an authentic experience, take a boat trip to the roadless and uninhabited village of Trandal, and visit the Storeide family who gained fame through the TV program “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” in 2017. If you prefer to enjoy stunning nature from the car, a drive through the narrow Norangsdalen is recommended, Norway’s narrowest valley. Have a great trip!
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Flatflesa Lighthouse, Nortwest Coast
Lighthouse vacations have become very popular!
Why not stay at a lighthouse and get a taste of the tough life the lighthouse keepers once lived, isolated for weeks at a time? Inside the lighthouse, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort while having an unbeatable view of the mighty forces of nature crashing against the cliffs. The group is transported by boat from the mainland to the lighthouse, where the rooms are distributed between the lighthouse keeper’s residence and the engine house. The hosts from Finnøy Bryggehotell are happy to set out crab traps in advance, which guests can pull up themselves. Our chefs take care of the cooking, and a long table is set in the Crab Shack. Regardless of the season, a dip in the wood-fired hot tub followed by relaxing time in the barrel sauna with a sea view is an exceptional experience. If you’re the “tough” type, you can also swim in the saltwater pool filled with natural water at each low tide. The pool maintains a few degrees. If you’re lucky, you can experience both the sunset and the sunrise.
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