Environmental policy for Classic Norway Hotels

Our vision is to give you a holistic experience, from accommodation to dining and cultural activities. And as an important part of this work, Classic Norway Hotels is in full swing with a targeted investment in contributing to sustainable tourism. Sustainability means that it must be good for the guests and permanent residents, good for the climate and environment and good for the economy. Without this, it is not worth investing in tourism and we are pleased to see that more and more tourists are concerned about climate and sustainability.

In Classic Norway Hotels, a pleasant and safe working environment must be created for all employees. We must comply with official requirements and our own requirements that apply to our business. We must also take care of the company’s buildings and materials, prevent strain on the external environment, and our products must not harm users. These goals must be achieved through continuous improvements. Both management and employees must participate actively in the improvement work.
As an Environmental Lighthouse-certified company, we work purposefully to improve our environmental performance within the working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport.
Our focus points are;


– We must be an attractive workplace where all employees must feel safe, included and valued.

– We will reduce our climate footprint, with a focus on energy use and waste management

– We have chosen two of the UN’s sustainability goals that Classic Norway Hotels focuses on

“By 2030 achieve a significant increase in the number of young people and adults who have skills, including in technical subjects and vocational subjects, which are relevant for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.”

“By 2030, halve global per capita food waste, both at retail and among consumers, and reduce waste in the production and supply chain, including post-harvest waste.”