The hike starts right next to the hotel!

The hike to Rampestreken offers spectacular views of Romsdalen. The trail is well-marked, and along the way, you will pass several informative signs about the area’s geology and history. As you climb higher, the forest gradually opens up, revealing stunning views of the mountains surrounding Romsdalen and the Romsdalsfjord. The trail features both natural terrain and sections with steps built to make the hike a bit easier.

Practical information

u003cstrongu003eFootwear:u003c/strongu003e Wear good hiking boots with a sturdy sole to handle the varied terrain.rnu003cstrongu003eWeather:u003c/strongu003e Check the weather forecast before you go. The weather can change quickly in the mountains.rnrnu003cstrongu003eGear:u003c/strongu003e Bring water, snacks, and any extra clothing you might need.rnu003cstrongu003eTimingu003c/strongu003e: The trail can get busy during peak season, so consider starting early in the day to avoid crowds.

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